Yarn Swap! (past Event)
What: Guild Event - Monthly Meeting
Where: Woodroffe United Church, 207 Woodroffe Ave
When: Mon, October 23rd, 2023 7:30 PM --> 9:00 PM

The OKG yarn swap is the perfect way to take stock of your yarn stash and repurpose the items that just don't bring you joy anymore or that are cluttering up your stash.

The OKG Yarn Swap is really a silent auction of mostly yarn, but any kind of knitting or crochet paraphernalia can be included. You don't have to bring something to sell, but it will be a chance to score some bargains for yourself and to catch up with friends.

Go through your stash and pull out any of those skeins or partial skeins (plus needles and tools) that you don't need any more. For each yarn or group of yarns, fill out the yarn swap form (available in the website's Member Area or the September/October newsletters) with info about the yarn and a minimum price. Be careful not to price them too high as people will be looking for bargains, or you can assign a price of "free".

When you arrive at the meeting, choose a spot at one of the designated tables and lay out your items and associated forms. Please wait until after the host has opened the meeting at 7:30 at which time everyone will be able to circulate to see the yarns and bid on the ones they want. At the end of the auction an announcement will be made that bidding is closed ; at that time go back to the items you bid on to see if you've won them, and settle up with the seller.

This is a cash only event, so bring old fashioned cash money!

Unclaimed “Free” Items.
The OKG Charity Knitting Group is not able to accept any donations of yarn or paraphernalia at this time, so if your “Free “ items are not claimed, please be sure to take them home with you at the end of the evening.

The Library will be open. There will NOT be a Show & Tell or draw for a door prize at our October 2023 Yarn Swap meeting.

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